Sunday, November 13, 2005

Well exams are over but I'm still awaiting my marks. Nonetheless, I'm happy to finally be able to breathe again and I think the depression is finally starting to pass. Having no life because of school was really getting to me but then when exams were finished I realized that it wasn't school's fault. I really do have no life. I haven't made a solid friendship in the year that I've been in Toronto, and I miss my London friends terribly. It's lonely here. I love Steve and all but sometimes his company isn't enough. Sometimes you want to do things that don't include your boyfriend. I'm sick of having no life outside of Steve and school. Commiting to a long distance relationship is time consuming. When I only get to see him every other weekend, all I want to do is chill with him. But I'm beginning to resent it. I need friends.

Anyway, I realize it's kinda early, but I put up my Christmas tree yesterday. I was in some desperate need of holiday cheer. Unfortunately I ran out of lights and now have to go out today and but some more. Maybe I'll make a friend at Canadian Tire.


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