Thursday, October 13, 2005

Alright, Okay

Right, so I'm back. Once again connected to the webbernet. Anyway, I moved at the end of September, and because I waited till the day before I moved to call the cable company I had to wait till the middle of October to get my cable/internet hooked up. Anyway the prep for the move was really time consuming and basically I got no school work done through September. However, not having the internet for the past two and a half weeks was rather serendipitous as far as school goes. I realized just how much time of my life is wasted mindlessly online. Yesterday I had plans to get caught up on Pathology, the last class I was behind in. Unfortunately those plans when charging out the window and taking a nosedive over the balcony once my internet was reconnected. Basically, last night was spent catching up on all the internet porn I had missed while I was offline. Ugh, I'm so weak. On a positive note, I was able to not waste any time chatting on MSN.

Anyway, I have exams in two weeks, and I was one night away from being caught up on it all but highspeed cable internet came knocking on my door. So because after 24 hours of being connected to the world wide web my productivity has plummeted an astonishing 100% I've come to the conclusion that I am in fact, addicted to the internet. That coupled with the fact I'm already addicted to alcohol, gambling, chocolate, and masturbating, my life isn't looking too rosey today. But enough about that.

I love my new place. I live in a beautiful neighbourhood, which is surprising considering it's at the intersection of the two busiest highways in Toronto. My apartment overlooks an awesome forrest, full of trails and a creek and all the glorious ganola type shit. And I even have a partial view of the downtown skyline which is pretty cool. That aside, I'm pretty stoked that I don't have to put up with the spousal abuse, ethnic food smells, constant violin playing, cockroaches, and gang rape in the stairwells that my last apartment was home to. Plus it's 200 sq ft. bigger than my last place. Maybe I'll post some pictures once I get the digi cam back from Steve because I know you're all DYING to see my abode. (that sounded oddly sexual).

Riiight, anycrap. It's my birthday Sunday, and it was my friend's b-day last week so we're going out Saturday and sorta doing a joint birthday thang downtown. Should be fun or at the very least drunken. Well that's all I got tonight....back to Chapter 1 of the pathology text book for this guy.



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