Sunday, March 16, 2003

MSN is a pain in the ass. I've just decided that I don't want to be available all the time. Christ that thought is stressing me out. I can't stand not having any "alone" time. There's constantly someone messaging me to complain about someone or something or their relationship or school or to ask me question that I don't know the answers to and I really don't feel like looking up. i wrote that my roommate just messaged me to ask me a small talk question. I live in the same bloody house as him. The only reason i'm not signing out of MSN right now is because I have to make myself available for my partner for this shitty presentation we have to do. Aparently this little BUSY status means NOTHING to ANYONE. Only five more Sundays...and a month of exams. Five weeks left of school and I've never wanted to drop out more.


It's been a while since my last blog. I really wanted to keep up with it. Hmmm. I downloaded a bunch of new music this week. It's really helped me to centre and all i wanted to do was relax and enjoy it tonight. All this MSN though is distracting me and making me want to turn off my winamp. I think i need to live a simple life. I am so happy that I don't own a cell phone. That would drive me crazy. I want to NEVER own one. WOW am i ever hating on MSN messenger right now. I don't think that I've ever hated something so much. That damn flashing at the bottom of my screen is making my hair fall out. Better go check it. Just someone refering to me as a jedi knight. *bangs head harder against desk* someone else tell me i'm indenial over defraging my comp...thank you elizabeth kubler ross. okay well tonight wasn't how i envisioned it. It's almost over I can take comfort in that. I hope i remember to reset my alarm to weekday time. I also hope that I remember to tape Port Charles tomorrow, it's finally getting good again.

Anyway enough from me. I might be back later. We'll see.


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