Sunday, March 19, 2006

And All I Ask Is A Big Couch and A Star to Steer Her By

Back to school tomorrow. Yuck. This school year has been just a rip off. Christmas Break was spent studying. March Break was spent studying...or rather I should of been studying, but didn't, so I spent my March Break worrying about how I should be studying. Oh bother.

I guess I'll relax when I retire. Or maybe I'll retire when I pay off my ridiculous amount of debt and can afford to work three days a week. But that's the future.

Steve now officially lives with me again, so that's exciting. Except the apartment looks like a steaming pile of crap. I'm sick of living like a poor student. Especially since my boyfriend has been an employed member of the working force for going on 6 years. Steve tossed around the idea of buying a new couch. But that idea went from him buying it, to me paying the whole months rent so he could afford it, to finally him paying for half the couch. Anyway, I had to quickly shut that idea down considering I've put enough money into the apartment, and you know have NO INCOME. Besides that I'm pretty confident we wouldn't have stopped at the couch. The matching arm chair was begging to purchased, as was the $300 area rug, and dito the bookshelf. Sadly none of it will be mine, so pretty much I'm mourning over a couch that I'll never have the privalege to sit my lazy broke ass in. As a result I've been randomly insulting my furniture hoping that the worn futon and discounted area rugs feel bad for making me look cheap. If only their shame was enough to ease my pain for a missed chance at a stylish abode. "One day, one day" I keep telling myself. But it's wearing thin. I suppose the lesson I'm supposed to take from this is that going without today will make the future sweeter and all that jazz, but I'm not buying it. All I want is a comfortable couch to park my ass on. COME ON!


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