Monday, October 23, 2006

Hey You Guys

I hate being sick. I havent been sick in well over a year so it only figures that the first weekend I have to absolutely do nothing I get sick. It hasn't been all that bad though, since I really don't have anything to do I've been taking advantage of the new couch... Yup finally got one back in August. Steve and I spent Friday night curled up watching X-men 3 and Hard Candy (totally disturbing movie). Saturday I spent catching up on a few tv shows I've missed and Sunday I spent watching my DVDs of Undeclared, which is still on my favourite shows ever to be cancelled. Anyway I've sort of continued my laziness into today by skipping school and watching Daytime tv and the Goonies (never get tired of that one). Effin post-nasal drip. Here's to health.


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