Monday, June 12, 2006

Another Year Older and Deeper in Debt

Well school's out for the time being. I somehow managed to make it through the most disasterous year of my life. Wish I could say the same about my hairline, which has seemed to pay the steepest price of all. Even though I'm only 25, and I know I've got a lot of life ahead of me, it's startling to see my youth slipping away. The hairline is retreating, the waistline is exceeding, and the bags under my eyes couldn't be any more obvious. Basically my exterior is really reflecting whats been going on inside my head and bod. I don't know how well I am inside. School has really done a number on me this year to the point where I'm convinced it's broken me on a number of occasions. So I'm taking these 10 weeks (I hope 10 weeks) to focus on me, my health, my sanity, and my outward appearance. I just hope it's enough to recover from this horrible, horrible year.


Blogger Instantiable said...

Wow, sounds like people at my school... Of course, I'm 28 and look 23ish. No one guesses higher than 27 =)

3:29 PM  

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