Sunday, May 15, 2005

Where the hell does the time go? I swear it seems like just yester day I was 16. I'm listening to music that's been bringing me back to reandom times in my life...That summer of drunkeness in Windsor was actually 4 years ago...FOUR YEARS!!!! Holy hell i'm getting old. It isannoying how all these years have just blended together, and how the only thing that allows me to put my life into some sort of semblance is the music that marked the time. It was funny when I actually realized that that summer was 4 years ago, because before that realization I thought it was yesterday...and now that i realize how long ago it was, I realize (using that word too much) that it's gone...that time only a memory...I'm not in at time any more. And so it joins the picture book as yet another time I can't get back. I wonder if I look back will this time be one of those picture book memories...or will I even remember this time in my life? I guess time will tell.


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