Sunday, June 06, 2004

The past won’t stop calling me
Back to a simpler time
When tomorrow was an easier today
A place that was more ideal
When I was more naïve

The past is banging at my door
Trying to wake me from this dream
Selling unlimited potential
A time before we admitted we were trashy
Recalling the security that hypocrisy provided

The past is climbing through my window
But I am standing in quicksand
Every struggle for salvation pulls me further down
Toward a world beyond our comprehension
But of our own making

The future is visible
We’ve paved the way to Heaven
But Hell found it’s way instead
I see now with open eyes
Where the dream has taken us

The future will be arriving shortly
So hold on tight
It’s too late for hypocrisy
Our dream will be realized
Our ideals will be lost

The past is reaching out her delicate hand
But the future has me in his firm arms
I’ve lost all control
Yesterday is gone
Tomorrow is here


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