Thursday, May 06, 2004

God it's Thursday and I still can't get over the Debbie Downer sketch from SNL this past week. This season of Saturday Night Live has been really surprising me. It's like a second wind of sorts. There have been so many moments this season that are quickly becoming some of my favourites, such as Justin Timberlake as Jessica Simpson, Oprah's Favourite Things: Birthday Edition y'all, the What Happens in Bangkok stays in Bangkok sketches, The Frondi on Gili sketch, the random stuff falling on Omarosa's head thing from Weekend update, and now in one episode they introduce two characters I hope will be around for a long long time. The first being Debbie Downer of course and the second being that hyperactive little girl having the sleepover. Still though the Debbie Downer sketch was hilarious. It was comic gold. The breaking just guaranteed it a spot on the top of my favourite sketches list. the premise was funny to being with, we all know someone who ruins a moment by refusing to have fun. And it was just so ridiculous. "It's official....I can't have children" Wah Waaaaaah. I can even appreciate the laughter because it was warented, but i don't appreciate when Fallon and Sanz do it because they have no respect for not breaking character, they go up there and do their own thing and could give two shits about the audience or the comedy. They're fucking tools. That being said, I really appreciated Horatio this week, probably because he actually got to prove himself without Jimmy Fallon ruinin all his moments. Here's to firing Jimmy Fallon.


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