Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Well look at this, it's July 8! Yup, it's been a long while since I've come around here. The summer has taken control of me, who cares about creativity when you have the summer long before you. It's been good summer, although I've been unemployed up until now. Been hanging out with Jeff and Steve practically all summer, which has been an unbelievable amount of fun. I am just living it up. Also I got to see my long lost Sean, it really did my heart good to see that guy again. I saw him for the last time for what will be a long while today, It wasn't as hard as I thought to say good bye to him, although it's probably because Steve was there, but that will be the subject of another Blog, and most likely a long one. But ya here I am half way throught my summer and I star work a week today...in Windsor. I'll be dragging Jeff along with me so I won't be completely bald when I get back home at the end of August. It'll be nice to have a pay cheque, see a chiropractor, and get into a routine. I'm also looking forward to having Jeff live with us. It'll be like having a brother. I just hope we don't get sick of each other too quickly. I'm sure this trip home will be cleansing for me. It'll ground things between Steve and I and I'll get my fill of my family and swimming and JJ and having a car!!! Other than that I never want to forget that on Sean last day in Canada I spent with him, at TJ's eating Nachos, looking at photos, and playing ping pong at his house, of course Steve was there too, but I'll get over it.

Your Neglector,


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