Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Alright I deleted the old comment program because I don't need it anymore...So to Flesh, my only commenter since I resurfaced, sorry.
Anyway this new comment thang seems better.

Anyhoo, on the reality front...I went in to talk to my neuro prof. and he was no help...he even went so far as to ridicule me for my wrong not only am I no better off but I'm also underminded. So I'm feeling quite shitty today. Go me.

With regards to the wedding...I'm gonna bring the wife. Who cares. If my parents haven't questioned the fact that I've been "single" for the past 6 years now then that's their fault. But I love them for that. As for the wedding guests, who cares.

Time to go induce vomiting.


Blogger Rob Danger said...

I commend you good sir, and I hope that it goes smashingly.
Sorry to hear your day was le shitty.

6:32 PM  
Blogger Digby said...

Thanks...I figure what else can go wrong right? Haha, famous last words. haha ugh *sigh*

6:38 PM  

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