Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Oh, my God, we’re having a fire! Sale.

They've been testing the fire alarms in my building since 9 this morning and it's supposed to continue until 5 pm tomorrow. I hate this place. I've decided to take a break from studying today. Anita sent me all of her study notes to use and she's gonna help me study next week. I figure if I go full-tilt neuro for the next two weeks I'll be burnt out for the exam, like last time. School blows. Anyways, my soaps are keeping me company, unfortunately it's two o'clock -- otherwise knows as the daytime tv wasteland between Days of Our Lives and General Hospital -- So Carnie Wilson circa 1997 is keeping me wait it's Vicki Gabereau.

While I'm back on the topic of TV...just over 24 hours until Big Brother's summer of secrets. (*cough cough* loser *cough cough*) I'm sure, like every other season, the house will be filled with assholes. I'm also sure that like every other season I will be turning the ringer on my phone off three nights a week for my date with Chenbot. I rule!

And before I forget, I finally gave up my non conformist attitude regarding The DaVinci code and started reading it. And everyone was right...It is good. Maybe I should finally get around to renting Titanic.


Blogger Rob Danger said...

ew, no.
Be the only other person on the planet who hasn't seen Titanic with me, mkay?
I hope that BB69 is filled with lots of men who are willing to be naked a lot to get on TV. That's pretty much my hope for every season.

3:20 PM  

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