Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I Always Believed in Futures

I started apartment hundting today. I hate living in North York, mostly because everything is so expensive for ghetto quality, and also because there are too many families living in apartment buildings. I hate kids. I hate people who cook stinky ethnic food. I hate people who play the violin every sunday morning. I hate barking dogs. I hate listening to guys beating their girlfriends. And I living in a place that is home to gang rape. All I want is some place close to school the subway and my gym, as Toronto seems rather lacking in decent Goodlife clubs. Ugh. I wanna move back to London. Where at least I could afford to live, and people could all say Hello in the same language. On top of all this, it doesn't look like Steve will be moving up here anytime soon. Wonderful. The one place I want to live is perfect, except it out of my price range...of course if Steve was here it wouldn't be be a problem. I need a roommate. So looks like I'm looking forward to another year of living alone in a city I hate, surround by people who drive me crazy.


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