Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Measure Me In Metered Lines

I'm back from my blog holiday. I was off playing PS2, anyway I passed my nerdy game so I decided to blog it up a bit. I have nothing new to report, but then again that's the story of my life. My sleeping is all fucked up this week because I've been come a Big Brother Live Feed Addict. I was up again till 4am. Since, I didn't wake up until noon, I don't think I'm gonna get my act together in time to get to the gym before it gets busy, so that sucks. I don't even feel like showering at this point.

On a completely different note, I never realized how many gay people were in this city till the other day. I was walking around downtown with a buddy of mine. He's straight (we think) and mildly attractive so he was getting stares left and right from the horny gay boys of Toronto. This has been the worst blog entry I've ever attempted. I love that the title doesn't even related. Okay I need sleep....or a life. Oh man I'm so bored.


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