Sunday, July 31, 2005


I tend to stay away from making comments like "I'm bored" because I believe that only the boring get bored. Well, I've come the the conclusion that I must be pretty effing boring, because I'm bored out of my f*cking tree.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I've Been Livin' On Coffee and Nicotine

Well it's the first day of my summer of laziness...and just as a I suspected...I have a caffeine withdrawl headache. Grumble. I went out today to buy a new PS2 game and couldn't find any that I wanted to play, so I bought The Office Box Set instead and came home and started playing Xenosaga again. Plus I'm tired and I can't seem to fall asleep. Also now that I have nothing to do, I have nothing to blog. I'll probably go back to London tomorrow, and let Steve pamper me. I'm such a suck. Hehe. Right, so I think Steve and I will come back here on the weekend and chill, maybe waste some money at IKEA. There's some rug I wanna potentially buy. Love spending money I don't have. I can't wait to get my final grades so I can finish up my student loans. Ugh, these headaches are the worst.

Monday, July 18, 2005

The Fantastic Four Was A Fantastic Bore

Alright, I'm done the fooking exam...I have no clue how it went, but it definitely didn't go well. How come he told half the fecking people what was on the exam? I'm pissed. Anyway, it's done with. Maybe I can finally begin my summer? I hope I hope. So the workers are back in my apartment...figures I'm finally done studying and I can't even relax with some porn because dirty men are tearing apart my kitchen...well they're not here right now...but I assume that they are coming back since they left my stove pulled out and the light on. Maybe they'll finally plaster up that GIANT hole in my wall...that somehow got 10x bigger while I was out writing my exam.

Alright, frick. So, in the past week, aside from studying, I got to spend a lot of time with Steve which of course was so awesome. I always hate leaving him. We went to see The Fantastic Four, 1) because I like super hero movies, and 2) because Chris Evans looks good half naked. Anyway, you have to know a movie is going to be bad when it has appearances by Ben Mulroney and Maria Menounos. It was awful. I don't even think the movie had a plot...maybe I missed it. The bad dude had no motivation, there wasn't even a climax and Mr. Fantastic had nothing to do with the movie. An hour into the movie, I was visibly angered by the whole thing. I wanted to leave. Anycrap, that aside Chris Evans was hot half naked. Next movie on my list...Wedding Crashers. But first, I need a sandwhich and a nap.

Seacrest out.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Back to Life...

Okay Bitches, I'm back...or should I say Bitch...since only one person reads this boring blog anymore. Regardless, I'm back from my week of studying at Western. I feel as though I got some awesome studying done. If I don't pass this exam tomorrow then maybe I'm not cut out for Chiropractic. It was so great being back at UWO...I can't believe how much I missed it. So many memories came flooding back to me it was really bittersweet. I loved the time I spent there and I'd probably do anything to get it back but I know it wouldn't be the same. The campus has changed. A whole new student body has taken over. And my friends are gone.

Furthermore, it made me realize how much I HATE living in Toronto, and how much I hate going to CMCC. Toronto is too big and busy and inhuman, and everyone speaks a different language so no one can say Hello to one another. And CMCC is too small and unorganized to give a shit about its students. I dunno, I guess every place has it's flaws, but I went from a world that brought me to life to a world that is breaking my heart.

All in all, I suppose I need to let my past rest, and muddle through the next three years. Yay me. Also the exam is tomorrow at 10am so everyone (or the only one) send me positive thoughts of passing tomorrow morning. I need all the mystic energy I can get.

Cheers Fools!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Everything they do is so dramatic and flamboyant...It makes me want to set myself on fire.

So looks like I'll be hitting road to London for the weekend...Just as soon as Big Brother is over...I'm looking forward to the drive because I made a really cool Mix CD that I've been looking forward to listening to. Should be a nice drive. Hopefully they don't shut the 401 down tonight. I hope to get some good studying done on my old stomping ground. Grumble grumble.

So like what the eff is wrong with terrorists anyway? Isn't there something better to worry about? Don't they have bills to pay? Or out of control teens to deal with? No, one has to take the car in to get looked at because the horn honks everytime you make a left hand turn? No? Really? Okay then, carry on. Assholes. Live and let live ladies and gentlemen. Catch ya in a few.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Oh, my God, we’re having a fire! Sale.

They've been testing the fire alarms in my building since 9 this morning and it's supposed to continue until 5 pm tomorrow. I hate this place. I've decided to take a break from studying today. Anita sent me all of her study notes to use and she's gonna help me study next week. I figure if I go full-tilt neuro for the next two weeks I'll be burnt out for the exam, like last time. School blows. Anyways, my soaps are keeping me company, unfortunately it's two o'clock -- otherwise knows as the daytime tv wasteland between Days of Our Lives and General Hospital -- So Carnie Wilson circa 1997 is keeping me wait it's Vicki Gabereau.

While I'm back on the topic of TV...just over 24 hours until Big Brother's summer of secrets. (*cough cough* loser *cough cough*) I'm sure, like every other season, the house will be filled with assholes. I'm also sure that like every other season I will be turning the ringer on my phone off three nights a week for my date with Chenbot. I rule!

And before I forget, I finally gave up my non conformist attitude regarding The DaVinci code and started reading it. And everyone was right...It is good. Maybe I should finally get around to renting Titanic.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

This Guy Watches Too Much Oprah

So I'm going on a full year of watching Oprah like a mother of three, and it's got me wondering, is it like an obligation for her guests to tell her how beautiful she he is at fifty?

In other TV news I'm really enjoying the new FX show 30's a great concept, but the skeptic in me still thinks that 30 Days isn't enough to change your life forever. Once you get back into your old routine your old ways come back to you easier than you'd like. Anyhoo, the episodes are making me think, so I guess that's more than I can say about 99.99% of television out there. Well...that's all I've got for now...back to not caring. Sweet, sweet apathy.
Stupid Sexy Neuro

So it begins...back to studying. Today is the day I crack the books again, much sooner than I anticipated. I'm headed back to the library today which only conjures up horrible feelings of the hell that is exam time. Boo-urns. At the very least I'm half excited about people watching on the subway. Maybe another cute girl will smile at me and make my day. I guess I have some incentive to shave today. This reminds me of a dream I had last night...I was trying to do my hair before school...and for some reason it was really long, and I managed to make it look good, which if you know me doesn't happen very often. Anyway, so my hair was looking really good so I decided I had to find some cool clothes to wear. As I was going through my closet I found some clothes I had forgotten I owned, and for some reason this filled me with great anxiety. It's like, in my dream I had so much to wear that I couldn't make a decision. Anyhoo, I woke up smelling like bed with my hair in all directions...but that's neither here nor there.

On a happier note the summer long orgasm otherwise known as Big Brother starts on Thursday, it should be the bright light in an otherwise shat summer.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Well, I made it back from the wedding o hell and I survived. It really wasn't that bad. Seeing Katie get married was rougher than I thought...especially after she told me that she always thought she'd marry me. On a similar note her mom was beyond excited to see me again. Regarding Steve I came up with some bullshit excuse as to how my date backed out at the last minute so I brought him along for the free beer. Anyway it was sorta the truth. Meh it's over.

I got back into Toronto about an hour ago and I have no hot I stink. I hate this shit hole apartment that I live in. Ah well at least there hasn't been a gang rape in the stairwell in the last few months. I can't wait to move out of here. So yeah. Not much else is new with me. I'm out of energy to fight my Neuro anatomy mark so I'm just gonna suck it up and write the damn supplemental exam...I can't waste anymore study time trying to get this 1.8%. Frick. I love my school.